Hitchin Fun Club

Rules & Regulations for Parents and Carers

In order that every child gets the opportunity to share in the Fun at Hitchin Fun club, there are a few regulations to guide parents/carers and their children.

  1. For the safety of the children any medication to be taken whilst your child is attending Fun Club must be handed to the Manager or Deputy together with written and signed instructions as to its use. Medication must not be left in the care of your child.
  2. Days that your child is booked in for will be charged for even if your child is absent. We are unable to swap days.
  3. The booked days are set and there are no refunds. Bills must be paid the first week of the month. The annual family registration fee will be levied on initial registration with Fun Club and thereafter in September.
  4. Parents/Carers must inform the Clubs before or on the day of absence by 2.00pm on 01462 450925. There is an answer phone (24 hours) so you can call any time to let us know. A penalty clause may be brought in if this continues to be a problem.
  5. Children must be collected by 6.00pm. Children collected after 6.00pm will be charged at the rate of £1.00 per minute. If you are experiencing difficulty in getting to the club please let us know in advance so that we can prepare and reassure your child. Parents/Carers should collect their child from the Club and then to the

    front table to sign them out before leaving. If your child is only attending until 5pm, they should be collected before 5pm. Any child who is not collected by 5pm will be charged until 6pm. This extra charge will be applied to the next month's invoice. 6. Any child not booked in will not be accepted at Fun Club. A months notice is required to drop days or change a booking.
  6. Your child must be collected at the agreed time. Extra time can only be accepted when agreed with the Manager or Senior Administrative Manager in advance.
  7. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to make sure that their child knows when he/she is coming to Fun Club and that they will wait to be collected in the pre-designated area. We have a procedure if a child cannot be found. It is the parents/carer responsibility to inform the club of any non-attendance.
  8. A retainer will be charged for days that your child is booked in for but not using. Retainer is the price charged for normal hours when not used less pick up. Parents must let us know before invoices are done. No refunds will be given once invoices have been made up.
  9. Parents/carers must make sure that their child is wearing the correct clothing for all the times of year, including sun hats or waterproof coats. Fun Club staff may put sun cream factor 30 on your child if needed. Let us know in writing if you do not want sun cream applied to your child.
  10. Parents/carers should be aware of the risk to children regarding all food allergies such as peanuts and we advised that all children attending Fun Club should not share any prepared food or packed lunches.
  11. The Manager will exclude from Fun Club:
  • Any child who is ill and therefore unfit to attend Fun Club. Please do not send your child to Fun Club if he/she is unwell. We would be grateful if you would notify us of any illness.
  • Any child who persistently bullies or behaves aggressively towards any other child/children.
  • Any child who is unable to accept the discipline of the Manager and staff such that the child’s behaviour affects the pleasure or safety of other children or the smooth running of the Fun Club. Discipline will only be imposed to maintain the safety and happiness of all members of Fun Club equally.
  • The decision of the Manager and assistants, in consultation with the Fun Club committee shall be final.
  • Fun Club will obtain permission from children to take photographs from time to time and those photographs will be used only within Fun Club. Parents/Carers who do not wish their children to be photographed must inform the Fun Club in writing.

These Rules are in place to ensure that all the children enjoy their time at Fun Club and we encourage Parents/Carers to discuss any issues that arise with the Manager or the parent representative on the committee.

Please complete the section below and return to the Manager as soon as possible. Your child will not be allowed to attend Fun Club unless we have received this completed agreement.

I have read the Rules & Regulations for Parent/Carers and agree to abide by them. Failure to abide by these rules may result in your child losing their place.




  • The after school and holiday clubs for children aged 4 to 12 years who are in full time education.
  • An invaluable service for all working parents and carers with school aged children. Quite simply - when the schools are shut, the clubs are open!
  • The Fun Clubs are run by a committee and a team of dedicated staff who work in partnership with one another. They are supported by the Community Team Letchworth at County Hall and are registered under the Children Act 1989 with Social Services and Ofsted. We have a staff ratio of 1:8 in the house and 1:5 or 1:4 for trips.
  • Having grown from a small concern in 1989 when three mothers recognised the need for after school care in Hitchin, the Club now has a membership of 70 children and a waiting list has had to be introduced because the demand was so great.
  • A qualified and friendly staff will ensure that the children receive a drink and light snack. Hot food is available to order for a small fee, which is served later in the afternoon.
  • Club children are then free to enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities including, art and crafts, basketball, snooker/pool, board games, sewing and dressing up and many more activities and games.
  • Hitchin Fun Club welcomes all children aged between 4 (attending school) and 12 years old during the holidays. These places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Various organised excursions and workshops, cooking sessions, barbecues and picnics are arranged in addition to the regular activities.

Police Checks

All staff will be expected to have an up to date police check (also known as DBS).


All staff are expected to undergo the necessary training to ensure compliance with OFSTED requirements and procedures. They must commit to a program of ongoing training courses to keep them up to date with all aspects of childcare. Most members of staff will be required to study to obtain an NVQ level 2 or 3 depending on the position they are employed to do. Please help us to keep our training records up to date by informing the manager of any completed training courses or workshops you have attended.

Key Worker System

Hitchin Fun Club operates a key worker system for EYFS children.

Smoke Free Policy

This policy has been developed to protect all employees, children and visitors from exposure to secondhand smoke and to assist compliance with the Health Act 2006.

Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses. Ventilation or separating smokers and nonsmokers within the same airspace does not completely stop potentially dangerous exposure.


It is the policy of Highbury and the Fun Club that use their premises that all of the premises and grounds are Smoke free and all employees have a right to work in a smoke free environment. The policy shall come into effect on Sunday 1st July 2007. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the workplace and grounds. This policy applies to all employees, consultants, contractors, customers, committee members and visitors.


New Children

Parents are asked to let the school know that their child/ren are to attend Fun Club and on what days. We let parents know where children must wait for a member of staff from Fun Club to collect them. Staff will have ID badges with their names on. On each child's first day at Fun Club a member of staff will explain:

  1. Where the toilets are
  2. Where the cloakroom is
  3. How to order snack, where to eat etc
  4. Drinks and food brought from school
  5. The Fire-Drill procedure

Consulting with children at Hitchin Fun Club

All staff at Hitchin Fun Club believe that it is important to listen to the views of children and aim to involve them in club decisions whenever appropriate.

The need for a child to be heard is a basic human right and this has been encompassed in the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child. The ability to make your voice heard is a critical skill for adult life and assisting with the learning of this should be an integral part of our dealing with children.

Involvement in decision making and the opportunity to make choices plays a crucial role in a child’s development and should be enshrined in all appropriate circumstances.

The involvement of children in the planning of services in law, policy and guidance including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Every Child Matters, The Children’s Act 2004 and the Children’s Trust arrangements. The children's participation is very important to achieve change and to improve the services offered to them. It also helps to ensure the best outcomes for them as set out in Every Child Matters, for example, being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and economic well being.

To make sure that consulting with the children is useful and meaningful; these general principles should be followed:

  • Consider the age and stage of development of the children
  • Consider who is the most appropriate person to carry out the consultation with the children
  • Consider how to consult with the children, eg, direct discussion, suggestion box, drawing or writing down ideas. Different methods will work with different age groups
  • If necessary, specialist help should be provided to support a child to express their views
  • Children should be helped to identify someone to help them put their views across or speak for them such as a key worker, parent, carer, advocate or similar
  • Staff should always clarify that they have understood the children's views correctly
  • The children should understand what will happen to any information they give
  • The children should know how seriously their views will be taken and what else may affect any decision taken
  • If a child's wishes or choices cannot be granted, the reasons for this should be explained clearly
  • Notes should be taken of discussion with children, as should the consideration of the outcomes of the discussion. Any decisions that conflict with the children's ideas, views or requests should be explained
  • All feedback to discussion should be given to the children with minimal delay.


Guidance for Hitchin Fun Club Staff

  • Staff are encouraged to discuss opportunities with children at any time and report their findings back to the manager or deputy.
  • Wherever possible, the new activities should be evaluated with the children in an appropriate way (questionnaire, chat etc) and improved/adjusted/repeated as necessary.
  • Any suggestions proposed by the children will be taken seriously and implemented wherever possible.
  • We will aim to arrange summer trips according to choices made by the current cohort of children and not always based on previous experience.

Rules and Safety Procedures at Fun Club

  • Please walk. Do not run around. Only run in the hall and the outside area under adult supervision. If a play worker feels it is unsafe to run in these areas you may be asked to stop.
  • Please only eat at the dining tables.
  • Do not sit on the tables. The chairs are for sitting on.
  • Do not shout or scream as it is unnecessary and a disturbance to others. Always listen to the playworkers and do what you are asked.
  • If you are unhappy about anything at Fun CLub please come and talk to a playworker straight away. The playworker would be happy to sort out any problems.
  • Please be kind to each other. If you have a disagreement or problem with any other children tell a playworker who will come up with the fairest solution.
  • Bullying is completely unacceptable and is dealt with very seriously. Any consistent upset or bullying to a child could result in the child causing the upset being removed and permanently stopped from coming to Fun Club.
  • If you need to go to the toilet please tell a playworker. Please wash your hands and come straight back. The toilets and corridors are not for playing around in.
  • Please do not open the door to anyone. If you see someone at the door even your parent/guardian tell a playworker who will assist.
  • We hope that you have a really good time at Fun Club. Please play fair, play safe and have lots of fun. If you have any suggestions for fun games or ideas ask a playworker for a bright ideas form to fill out. 


Equal Opportunities Policy

  • The Hitchin Fun Club seeks to provide a service that is open to all, irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief.
  • All children will be respected and their individuality and potential recognised, valued and nurtured. Discriminatory behaviour and/or remarks are unacceptable at the clubs.
  • The committee and staff of the clubs are responsible for Equal Opportunities. The aim of our policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, means, disability, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief.
  • Staff, parents/carers and children need to be provided with encouragement to develop a sensitive awareness of and equal value and respect of each other.
  • Staff are given training in equal opportunities at staff meetings and through the courses that staff attend.
  • Responsibility for implementing this equal opportunities policy rests with everyone; all incidents of discrimination, harassment or expressions of prejudice will be challenged.
  • Initial action used to redress inappropriate behaviour will be in the form of information and further training.


Complaints Procedure

As an employer, the Fun Club values any suggestions, comments or worries you may have. Please feel free to talk to the manager with any concerns you may have regarding your employment, or any other matter you feel needs to be discussed.

However if matters cannot be resolved, the formal complaints procedure is:

Complaints must be in writing within 28 days of the incident to:

The chairperson:   Susanne Sprengel

                                    c/o The Fun Club

                                    Highbury School

                                    Standhill Road





All letters must be copied and replies kept. Notes of meetings must be logged and kept on record, for review if required.

These details should be kept in a locked cabinet and under the Data Protection Act can be viewed by either party upon request.

If you feel unable to contact us directly, you may contact;

OFSTED 03001231231 - or Children’s Schools and Families Team - 030012340



The Hitchin Fun Club works with children and families and this will sometimes bring us into contact with confidential information.

As staff we must respect that confidentiality in the following ways:

  • Parents/carers will have access to the written or computer files and records relating to their own children but to no one else's
  • Information given by parents/carers to managers or other staff will not be passed on to other adults without permission
  • Issues concerning staff will remain confidential
  • Any anxieties relating to a child will be kept in a confidential file, and shared only with key workers, managers and the chairperson and discussed with parents/carers
  • Staff will not discuss individual children other than with parents/carers of that child
  • Students, staff and volunteers are all expected to be aware of and adhere to the policy


The Fun Club abides by the Data Protection Act.

Fees for Club Members

Annual Membership:         £10 per child


Term time:                        £9.15 first 2 hours

                                         £13.40 3 hours

£4.55 for third hour

£1.00 pick up fee per child collected from school

£1.00 per minute late pick up fee after 6pm


10% discount per child for over 10 hours per week

15% discount for 2 children over 10 hours per week, per child

20% discount for 3 children over 10 hours per week, per child



£33 per day plus cost of any outings.



Monthly in advance.

Booking forms will be given out in the first week of any given month, to be completed and returned in the second week of the month, so that bills can be made up, issued and paid promptly in the first week of the new month. Cash or Cheque accepted.

Money cannot be refunded once a bill has been made up.

Waiting List

A retainer fee of £20.00 will be charged per child on the waiting list, which is refundable when your child gets a place at the Club, or you let us know that a place is no longer required. This is to avoid spaces being held by people who no longer want, or have no intention of using the Club places.

Procedure for use of mobile phones

At all times phones must be kept in a secure place away from the children. HFC is allowed to have their work mobile phone in the setting if this is not available, staff are permitted to use personal phones at the Managers discretion. This will only be used in emergency situations and if possible, away from the children.

At no time should the phone's camera be used.

Children with mobile phones must keep them in their bags.


Schools catered for

The Hitchin Fun Club picks up from:  Highbury Infant School

Fun Club Collection Procedure

Parents/carers must collect children from the school or office, collect your children's belongings then sign them out on the register. Once you have signed your child out please leave the school premises, this helps us keep the other children safe. It is the parents responsibility to check the register for any notes, letters or accident forms in their child's name and to collect any booking or payment forms.

If there is an occasion where a parent/carer asks another person to collect the child, who is not known to the Fun Club, a code will be arranged which must be given to the person collecting the child and the Fun club before the child can be released into their care.

  • This code will be changed on a regular basis.
  • All children must be collected by 6pm at the very latest from the Fun club.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the child's place at the Fun club if this rule is not adhered to.
  • This will come into effect following the third incident of late pick up and one months notice will be given.


Holiday Visit Procedure

  • During holiday time, children reach excursion destinations either on foot, by train or by coach. Extra vigilance is needed when travelling longer distances than usual. Walking two by two or “crocodile” fashion when travelling by foot with an adult at the front and back is the safest method to use.
  • Coach companies are asked by the Fun Club to provide copies of relevant insurance documents and named drivers registration numbers.
  • Staff must be aware of children in their charge and take regular roll calls.
  • It is of prime concern to us that all children in our care reach and return from excursions safely. Every effort must be made by all staff to ensure that this is so.

Facilities, Equipment and Timetable of Activities

The Hitchin Fun Club:

Secure outdoor play area, which must be supervised at all times when in use.

  • A variety of sports equipment is available inside and out. At Highbury we have the use of some of the kitchen, hall, dining area, quiet area and the use of 2 classrooms when needed
  • Hot and cold snacks are provided by request for a small fee
  • Holiday time excursions and activities are arranged
  • The school gate must be closed at all times when the children are outside
  • There is always fresh water and cups available


Children are at liberty to choose the activity they wish to do with staff in supervision.

Obviously inclement weather means that outdoor facilities can not always practically be used. Also during holiday time when organised activities are arranged, children should be encouraged to join in.



  • When children arrive at the club they should put their coats and bags away tidily and then wash their hands in readiness for their drink, fruit and vegetables. Children should sit down to eat and drink. At this time they can order their snacks, these are prepared on a staff rota basis.
  • Staff can also have refreshments at this time.
  • Children who finish their drink, fresh fruit and vegetables can then have quiet play time.
  • Once all children and staff have arrived at Fun Club and finished their refreshments the children can then go off to play.
  • When their snacks are ready children should be called to wash their hands and sit down to eat.
  • Hands should also be washed after visiting the toilet.


Holiday Food Toast and drink provided mid morning unless the children are going on a trip. During holiday time children bring their own packed lunch and are reminded not to swap food. Please add an ice pack to the lunch bag to keep food at the correct temperature.

  • Mid afternoon children are provided with drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Jugs of water and cups are always available.
  • The Fun Club is aware that some children have allergies to some foods e.g. Peanuts.
  • No child is to bring products containing nuts in any form to the Fun club.
  • Procedures are in place to reduce the risk of those allergic children.
  • Children are strictly forbidden to share any of their food.


Food Hygiene

  1. Hands must be washed before preparing or consuming food
  2. Food to be prepared as per manufacturer's guidelines
  3. Food and packed lunches should be stored correctly. Opened packets as per manufacturer's guidelines
  4. Washing up should be done in very hot soapy water and rinsed thoroughly
  5. A clean cloth for drying up must be used for each session
  6. Always wear an apron when preparing food and use a clean chopping board and a separate knife for each item
  7. Ensure that the tables are wiped down with an antibacterial cleaner, before and after use.


Holiday Time Information

  • We want every child in our care to be happy and occupied during the holidays. To that end we will organise regular excursions and activities.
  • Extra care is needed when travelling to outing destinations. Role calls will be taken regularly and staff:child ratios are approximately 1:5 or 1:4.
  • Children must be prepped on good behaviour, safety and the “lost procedure”. You must be familiar with Club policies on the above. If the group is split into sections then ensure that a role call list of the children in your group is available.
  • A first aid box must always be carried. A sound knowledge of first aid is essential.
  • The safest method of walking with a group of children is the two abreast or “crocodile” walks with an adult at the front and the back.
  • Please ensure children have the necessary clothing and sun protection and their lunches if appropriate.


  • Children should not carry pocket money as this is included in the outing price.
  • Travel will be by car, coach, train or on foot.
  • Staff are deemed to be in loco parent/carer and must take responsibility for the children in their care. In practice the law may demand a higher standard of care from a carer than from a parent/carer.
  • “The test of a reasonable prudent parent/carer must be applied not in relation to the parent/carer at home, but the parent/carer applying his mind to school (or club) life” (1962 - Lord Justice Edmund Davies; Lyes v Middlesex County Council).


Essentials for trips out

  • Register with parents/carers contact details
  • Allergy list
  • Full first aid box
  • Drinks, biscuits and cups
  • Ground sheets
  • Sun cream
  • Club details for each child
  • Farm visit details if applicable
  • Lost child procedure

When going on trips/activities;

  • Staff are given a list of children in their care for the day and when the roll call is taken it is their responsibility to make sure that they have their children. Children are counted on and off transport.
  • Phone the venue and ask lots of questions.
  • If needed visit the venue.
  • Ask about risk assessment and health and safety information sheets.
  • Ask staff at the venue to speak to our children about the visit.
  • Arrange an area for children to go to if they get split from the group.
  • All children and staff wear badges with contact numbers on.


Working Together for Safeguarding Children

As a staff team we have a responsibility to work in partnership with other professionals and must report any concerns we have regarding children in our care, to the Children, Schools and Families Team on 03001234043 and OFSTED on 0845604771 or Police on 999. The overriding consideration must be to safeguard the welfare of the child.

Early recognition of abuse or neglect can prevent serious harm to children, and the breakup of families, by ensuring the appropriate action is taken and help offered when it is likely to be effective. Possible indicators of abuse to look for, neglect, physical, emotional and sexual.

Any delay in drawing the attention of the Children, Schools and Families Department to any worries and concerns about possible abuse or neglect can increase the risk to the child. Deciding to give parents/carers the benefit of the doubt can be detrimental to the protection and welfare of the child.

Detailed enquiries of the case must be left to the investigating agencies - Children, Schools and Families, Police, Health and NSPCC.

The process must be explained to the child, and the parents/carers, and others with parent/carer responsibility, in ways appropriate to them by the investigating agencies. The child's wishes and feelings must be respected, and they must be helped to participate appropriately.

Any early discussion with the child should, as far as possible adhere to the following basic principles:

  1. Listen to the child rather than directly questioning him or her
  2. Never stop a child who is freely recalling significant events
  3. Make a note of the discussion, taking care to record the timing, setting and personnel present as well as what was said
  4. Do not promise the child that you will not inform the relevant parties.


A comprehensive record of all facts, events and conversation must be made on the same day as they occur or within 14 days. Copies of all correspondence must be kept on file.

Known facts should be distinguished from allegations and opinions. Such information may be required for legal purposes.

Additional special procedures have been agreed for investigating sexual abuse.

If you have any concerns about any child please take them to the Designated Person, and remember our confidentiality policy.

Staff at both clubs will have and continue to attend relevant training courses, in relation to this sensitive matter.

You are expected to adhere to the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board for guidance and action in a case of suspected (or actual) abuse, which you will find stated over the next few pages.


Procedure for reporting suspicion of abuse

Any member of staff at the club who suspects that a child has suffered or is likely to suffer physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect should take the following action;

  1. Concerns should be discussed with the Designated Person. This should be done unless delay might endanger the child.
  2. Phone the Safeguarding Board.
  3. The Designated Person should inform a social worker at the local Children, Schools and Families Department of their suspicion, immediately and directly.
  4. The Social Services Department can be contacted by phone (The telephonist or receptionist should be told that the call concerns a possible case of child abuse or neglect so that they can promptly call a social worker). However it is done the referral and the identity of the person making it will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. This may not always be possible due to the nature of concerns or possible outcome e.g. court proceedings.
  5. It is helpful to write down as fully as possible what has been seen and heard.
  6. You may be invited to a Child Protection Conference at which the parent/carers are likely to be present. If so, if at all possible you should attend, and fully share any information which will enable the child to be protected. The Social Worker should be given full information before the conference, preferably in writing.


Procedure for response to suspicion of abuse concerning a member of staff

The first concern is for the child they must be listened to and reassured.

  1. An incident report must be written and parent/carers must be informed of any suspicions
  2. The staff member involved will be interviewed by the Designated Person. If the suspicion is against a playleader or deputy then the chairperson will be asked to run the interview.

If suspicion remains;

  1. The playleader should inform a social worker at the local Children, Schools and Families Department of their suspicion, immediately and directly.
  2. OFSTED must be informed about the incident within 14 days.
  3. The member of staff will be suspended on full pay whilst the investigation is being carried out. They must make no contact with the parents/carers or child.
  4. Confidential records will be kept and where necessary will be accessible to Club manager and committee. Parents/carers should be kept informed of any necessary information.
  5. The member of staff must be informed of their rights and kept informed on procedure through access to records. A decision will be made as quickly as possible.
  6. When an investigation is complete the social worker will decide if a child protection conference is required.
  7. If the investigation is not taken any further the accused and parent/carers involved will receive a letter stating the conclusions.


Procedure for use of mobile phones

The first concern is for the child's safety and therefore mobile phones are required during pickup procedure. At all other times they must be kept in a secure place away from the children. We have two work mobiles on site, they are clearly marked Hitchin Fun Club and will only be used for work purposes.

At no time should the phone's camera be used.


Prevent Duty Guidance

It is the managers duty to ensure all staff are aware of the Prevent Duty and their responsibility to take action and report any concerns. These notes are to assist in you sharing the key messages with staff through a staff meeting.

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on early years providers “to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism” this is known as The Prevent Duty.

The Ofsted Common Inspection Framework implemented in September 2015 includes reference to “providers promoting children's welfare and preventing radicalisation and extremism”.

As early years practitioners it is our duty to ensure children are safe and are not vulnerable to being radicalised and drawn into extremist behaviour which could later lead to acts of terrorism.

Terrorism is the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim.

Extremism is defined as the act of an individual, or group, going to extremes, especially in political matters. The government has defined this within the Prevent Duty as “vocal or active opposition to fundamental British Values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.”

Radicalisation refers to the process by which a person comes to support terrorism and forms of extremism leading to terrorism. During the process of radicalisation it is possible to intervene to prevent vulnerable people being drawn into terrorism-related activity. Even very young children may be vulnerable to radicalisation by others, whether in the family or outside, and display concerning behaviour.

The Prevent Duty is aimed at identifying vulnerable families and children during the process of radicalisation and helping to prevent them moving towards extremism and potential terrorist acts. Those families and children are often targeted because they are looking for a place to feel valued and have a sense of belonging. The terrorist groups provide this and build a relationship with those families and then begin to manipulate the individuals to meet the groups needs.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS 2014) places clear duties on providers to keep children safe and promote their welfare. It makes clear that to protect the children in their care, providers must be alert to any safeguarding and child protection issues in the child's life at home or elsewhere (paragraph 3.4 EYFS). It forms part of your safeguarding duty.


Special Needs

It is recognised that a variety of needs exist in the community and therefore the club will endeavor to meet any special needs it is approached with. Early discussion with the partners is essential bearing in mind that further advice may be needed and additional specially trained staff may be required on a temporary basis to cover and eventualities of dietary, physical, mental, language, or medical needs.

Our key worker system ensures that any child in our care has an adult responsible for their welfare. If a child needs cannot be met without support then funding will be sought for a one to one helper. We would be prepared to work with other groups outside the club to support us in the care of a special needs child.


Children Behaviour Guidelines

  • A “Rules and Regulations” form is issued to each parent/carer when enrolling a child. This must be read, agreed with and signed, and the contents discussed with all new children.
  • These rules must be applied consistently by staff to avoid confusion.
  • Staff must provide a model of friendliness, care and courtesy for the children.
  • If undesirable behavior occurs and verbal warnings do not help, the child should be removed from the situation, having “time-out”.
  • In very severe cases of repeated behavioural difficulties, parents/carers should be contacted and incidents will be recorded in the incident book, and must be signed by the parent/carer.
  • A child must never be disciplined by smacking, shaking or indeed in any physical way, nor by deprivation of food or drink. There are no circumstances when such action can be justified.
  • Action should be immediate and relating to the incident.
  • Staff must explain to the child why their behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Any significant action should be recorded in the incident book.
  • Whilst a raised voice is sometimes needed for safety reasons, it should not be a regular occurrence.
  • Any suspected allegations of physical or verbal abuse or bullying of children will be thoroughly investigated. If findings constitute unacceptable practise this will be dealt with promptly and may result in dismissal.


Anti-Bullying Policy


Bullying is an action taken by one or more children with the deliberate intention of hurting another child, either physically or emotionally.


Aims and Objectives

  • Bullying is wrong and damages individual children. We therefore do all we can to prevent it, by developing the clubs ethos in which bullying is regarded as unacceptable.
  • We aim at this club to produce a safe and secure environment where all can play safely.
  • This policy aims to produce a consistent response to any bullying incidents that may occur.
  • We aim to make all those connected with the club aware of our opposition to bullying and we make clear each person's responsibilities with regard to the eradication of bullying in our club.
  • For example, if an incident occurs, the manager/deputy will discuss with the children and explain why this behaviour was wrong.
  • It is the staff and committees responsibility to ensure that all the children know that bullying is wrong and that it is unacceptable behaviour in the club.
  • Staff will attend the relevant courses when needed.
  • Any incident of bullying will be recorded on an incident sheet which parents read and sign.

The role of the parents

Parents who are concerned that their child might be being bullied or which suspects their child may be the perpetrator of bullying, should contact the playleader/deputy immediately.

Parents have a responsibility to support the club.


Accident Policy

  • We have a sheet for the recording of accidents, which is kept in the first aid folder in the school. All accidents must be recorded.
  • If any accident results in the child being taken to hospital for medical treatment then the Health and Safety Executive, Ofsted and the Chair of the Fun Club Committee should be informed immediately.
  • Only staff and the parent/carer/guardian concerned will have access to the form which must be signed by both parties (unless the accident has been reported as above).


Incident Policy

  • We have a sheet for the recording of incidents, which is kept in the Fun Club office.
  • All incidents must be recorded.
  • Only staff and the parent/carer/guardian concerned will have access to the form which must be signed by both parties.
  • In some cases, an ongoing incident may result in a child being asked to leave Fun Club.
  • This would include any behaviour that could jeopardize the health and safety of Fun Club members.


First Aid and Medical Emergencies

  • There must be at least one first aid trained member of staff available at all times.
  • First aid boxes are available at Fun Club and are checked at regular intervals. Make yourself familiar with exact locations of the boxes. If you use any equipment, please tell the manager who will ensure it is replenished promptly.

Points to remember;

  • Treat all bodily fluids as infectious, disposable gloves must be worn.

(A child who experiences a continence issue will be dealt with in a compassionate and confidential manner, with two members of staff present. Staff must wear disposable gloves at all times. Soiled clothing will be placed in a plastic bag and returned to the parent/carer. The child will be provided with clean clothing from our store)

  • Clean minor injuries with water only, and apply a sterile dressing if necessary
  • Clean all spills with disinfectant
  • Flush spills of blood, vomit or excrement down the toilet, and seal and label soiled materials for bin disposal - “soiled wound dressings”
  • All accidents must be recorded in the accident book stating who was in attendance, what happened and the date. This must be signed by the child's parent/carer
  • All children must be registered with a GP and a record of allergies or particular medical concerns kept
  • OFSTED must be informed of any serious medical emergencies or infectious diseases.



Medication must not be given by a member of staff unless the parent/carer/guardian has given written permission, with clear instructions about dosage, and how to administer the drugs. Time, date and amount must be recorded and signed by both the parent/carer/guardian and fun club.


First Aiders

Hitchin Fun Club

Holiday Club

Davinia Martin Sprengel

Davinia Martin Sprengel

Susanne Sprengel

Susanne Sprengel

Rubia Ahmed

Rubia Ahmed

Clare Forbes

Clare Forbes

Paula D’Acosta

Paula D’Acosta

Sam Miller

Sam Miller





The safety of the children in our care is of paramount importance to us as staff. In order to keep each child as safe as possible. staff must see that;

  • Outdoor space is secure and supervised. At Hitchin Fun Club parents/carers must park in the spaces available NOT on the playground if the children are out playing. Children will be asked not to go beyond the fence (eg, to run and greet parents/carer) as it could be dangerous.
  • Parents/carers must report to the office at arrival at Fun Club at all times
  • All children will be supervised by not less than two adults at all times or will be within sight of an adult
  • All staff must be aware of the system for children arriving and departing form the building - the door will always be supervised and answered by a member of staff
  • Children must only be allowed to leave with unauthorized adults
  • Outdoor space must be secure and supervised. No dogs are permitted in the play area
  • Equipment is checked regularly and dangerous items repaired or discarded
  • All toys and equipment to be only used for the purpose for what it was intended
  • Fire doors are never obstructed
  • Electrical leads must never trail across a room. Loose connections, exposed wires or frayed damaged leads should be reported immediately and withdrawn to be checked and fixed by a qualified electrician. Sockets will be made safe. All services, eg gas, electric) are inspected annually
  • Plugs must not be overloaded
  • No drinks will be allowed near electrical equipment where spillage is likely
  • Children must not have unsupervised access to the kitchen. Hazardous materials must be stored safely
  • Fire drills will be enacted at least once a month
  • A register of adults and children will be kept each day, so a record of all those present is on hand in an emergency
  • No smoking or alcohol on the premises
  • The first aid boxes are stocked and available at all times
  • Whenever children are at the clubs at least two adults will be present
  • Large equipment will be erected with care and checked regularly
  • Activities like cooking or energetic play will have close and constant supervision
  • On outings the staff:child ratio will be 1:5 or 1:4 approximately
  • Children who fall asleep will be checked regularly
  • Children who fall ill whilst at the Club will be given the best care possible, until their parent/carer can collect them
  • Premises will be tidied and checked at the end of each day.


Sick Child

If a child should feel ill whilst at Fun Club depending what is wrong, monitor and if they continue to feel ill:

  1. Remove to a quiet are away from other children
  2. Telephone parent/carer and ask for them to collect said child
  3. If sickness or diarrhea, they should be off for 48 hours after they have stopped.

For infectious illnesses refer to the Guidance Poster in the office.

If in doubt refer to their Doctor, NHS Direct or Dial 999.


Risk Assessment

Fun Club has a policy of risk assessment which is to ensure the continued health and safety of staff and children.

On a daily basis we will carry out an area check on both inside and outside.

Risk assessments are carried out either by Fun Club or the relevant venues when taking the children out.


Emergency Procedures

Fire Drill

  1. In an emergency staff can use the phone in either the school secretary’s office or the head teachers office, by dialling 9 for an outside line first
  2. The drill procedure is as follows, and all staff are expected to be familiar with it;

On discovering a fire, the alarm is sounded


The fire brigade is called

Children will be escorted by staff calmly to the nearest exit immediately, using the safest route

The muster point is in the playground

A register of names of staff and children is called to check that everyone has left the building


  1. A named member of staff will be designated as the person responsible to check all areas after evacuation
  2. Know the location of alarm buttons, extinguishers and fire blankets and how to use them
  3. A plan of the school and fire points is posted in the office

(Equipment is checked regularly by professionals)

  1. A fire drill will be enacted at least once a term.

Responsibilities in the event of an evacuation of building

  • Evacuation of building to fire point - Davinia
  • Calling the register - Clare
  • Checking the building is clear - Davinia, Paula

In the event of a major incident telephone:

Mon-Fri 8am-8pm - 01438737500

Sat 9am-4pm - 01438737500

All other times - 0800547547


Non Collection of a Child

  • Parents/carers should always inform the Fun Club if they are unable to collect their child.
  • The person nominated by the parent/carer should be identified to Fun Club and a security code given.
  • If Fun Club is requested by the parent/carer to take the child home, or to another address, a code will be required. All cars are insured to transport children. This can only be done at the discretion of the playleader/deputy.
  • In the event of the child being left at the club, Fun Club staff should try to contact the parent/carers. If this is not possible the Fun Club should contact the local authorities.
  • The parent/carer will be penalized ₤1 per minute for the late pickup after 6pm unless there is a valid reason.

Lost Child Procedure

At Fun Club

Check list in the event of a missing child:

  1. Bring all children and staff together
  2. Call a register
  3. Organise a thorough search of the premises
  4. If this does not locate the child, then inform the parents and the local authorities.


On Trips Out

Children will have an identifying tag with the Hitchin Fun Club phone number (mobile phone), and the children will also be told of a meeting point in case they do get lost. We do not put the name of the child on the tag.


Check list in the event of a lost child:

  1. Bring all children and staff together at the last known location of said child
  2. Double check that the child has not joined another group
  3. Ask the other children if they know of any reason why the child would have wandered off
  4. Check all areas of the venue i.e. toilets, food outlets, shops and pre-arranged meeting point
  5. Inform all staff at the venue
  6. If this does not locate the child, then inform the parents/carers and the local authorities
  7. The other children will need to be returned to the Fun Club but a member of staff must remain to assist the authorities.


Strangers and Visitors on Club Premises

Strangers on Club Premises

The last few years have seen events that make us all look closely at keeping our children safe, particularly at schools and afterwards. Hitchin Fun Club is very aware of the responsibility we have to keep the children in our care safe. To this end staff must be alert and aware of unauthorised persons on or around the premises.

  • Strangers who have no business on the premises, should not be permitted to enter
  • If they are authorised to enter, they must sign the visitors book on arrival and departure, and must be supervised at all times
  • All strangers must be challenged
  • If in doubt removed the children from the vicinity and get help

In any emergency dial 999 for the police


Visitors to the School

All Visitors to the school must show a member of staff their identification on arrival.

  • If the ID is accepted the visitors will be escorted to the staff area of the school. There they will wait for the arrival or the caretaker/member of staff whom will be informed immediately of their arrival
  • If the visitor does not have the appropriate ID they will be asked to wait outside the school. The caretaker/member of staff will be informed immediately and will attend to the visitor as soon as possible.
  • All visitors must sign the visitors book.


Run, Hide, Tell

In the unlikely event that we have an intruder, wild animal or toxic poison entering the premises and causing, damage, harm or threatening behaviour towards all the people in the setting, then immediate action will be required.

Staff and children will be required to enact the Run, Hide, Tell method of getting away from danger and keeping safe.



  • Staff will round up the children and then staff will escort the children to find the best possible route to evacuate the building.
  • The plan at Hitchin Fun Club is to use one of the exits, depending on the location of the threat, and get outside. If necessary we will relocate to Whitehill School.
  • Staff and children will need to be silent, move quickly and any mobile phones switched to silent.



  • If we are unable to leave the setting then we will find a safe place to hide.
  • We will be silent and go into a room, lock the door and barricade it and hide away from the door, shut the blinds, turn off the lights, switch mobile phones to silent.



  • When it is considered safe to do so, a member of staff will contact the police service.
  • It is important that all staff remain calm and reassuring for the children and do not go back for personal belongings but get the children and themselves out of the threat of immediate danger.
  • The club will have regular lock down practices once a term.